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Create and sell your own digital products.

When selling digital products online, you won't have to be concerned about a hefty start-up capital. You can take things slow, starting part-time, and then build as you grow.

For that purpose, we've built the KiwiMarket Wordpress theme; to help you get started at an affordable price.
How to use

What can you do with KiwiMarket?

It's a custom WordPress theme with a unique design, layout, and set of features that are made specifically for your business needs. It can be used for selling a variety of digital products, including, but not limited to,
Music tracks
Video files
Stock images
Training courses
Web Services
3D Printing Modals
How it works

We built this featured-rich
theme for you.

To increase sales and keep profits high, we focused on creating a shopping experience that sets you apart from the competition.
Page Layouts
Inside your theme options panel you have full control over where and when you wish to display 1 sidebar, 2 sidebars or no sidebars at all.
Not only is this option available for WordPress default pages, posts, search page or custom posttype pages, you can also create different page layouts for EDD related pages. Such as the product page, subpages as well as all public pages for authors (FES) and customers.
Website Headers
Utilize the theme’s rich tools to get your desired menu design. Wether you want a mega menu, flyout menu or a tabbed menu, you can fully customize the look and feel of your menu that matches your brand.
Multi-column, widgetized footer
Plenty of options are at your disposal for creating innovative and unique footers.
Single Product page
The product page is fully widgetized; supporting up to 6 rows, multiple page layouts and styling options.
Plenty of widgets are also available for creating as many variations and looks as you wish.
Tabbed Menu
Seperated pages for Support info, Comments and Reviews to improve customer experience.
Image Slider
5 different slider layouts, supports RTL, multiple thumbnail rows and a full screen lightbox with scrollable content.
Don’t wish for users to leave your site after clicking on a demo url? You can easily enable our iFrame feature inside your theme options panel.

Seamless integration with Easy Digital Downloads

An E-commerce solution
tailored to suit your needs

To increase sales and keep profits high, you need to create a shopping experience that sets you apart from the competition. And that's exactly what Easy Digital Downloads has to offer; allowing you to sell your digitals products or services from anywhere, to anyone.
Shopping cart
Flexible shopping cart system to meet consumer demands.
Customer management
Overview of all kinds of records including download logs.
Discount codes
Easily create discount codes to encourage customers to buy more.
Data reporting
Detailed bookkeeping such as sales, downloads, taxes, and much more.
Supports Free & Premium

EDD related extensions

The KiwiMarket Wordpress theme supports various third-party extensions specifically created for Easy Digital Downloads users. These extensions are known to add additional features to your website.

But we didn't stop there. We went above and beyond to add additional code to further enhance these external features for an even better EDD experience within the theme. And such features aren't found anywhere else!
Software Licensing
All Access
Amazon S3
EDD Wish Lists
PDF Invoices*
Frontend Submissions
Recommended Products
Free Downloads
EDD Message
Upload File
EDD Cross-sell and Upsell

Smart solutions for busy people

Built using a lightweight and

Modular Framework

Solid and excellent

Theme Support

Valid HTML & CSS Code

Fully Responsive

Only Sold Here!

Theme Specific Extensions 4

Exclusive and premium plugins specific for KiwiMarket theme users
Ready to start selling?

Choose KiwiMarket, the most creative and powerful theme for people like you!


We've added strict security layers on our website that will help keep our website as secure as possible. Due to these layers, some features may not work properly while we are configuring its settings. if you experience such inconveniences, we recommend to contact us directly using the following email address:


Excellent in every detail.

Disclaimer: Several third-party extensions, such as Search Filters, FES, Commission, and Reviews are enabled while creating these snapshots.
None of these plugins are included inside the download package. They must be purchased seperately.