• mahmoodbeheshti
    Verified Buyer

    I bought this product
    But when I enable it, widgets don't appear in Elementor.
    My template is DGWork
    Please help me.

    • kiarashi

      Hi mahmoodbeheshti,

      This plugin can only be used inside the KiwiMarket theme and not inside the DGWork theme.

      There are plans that if the demand is high enough, we might consider releasing a version that can also be used inside other EDD related themes.

      Kind regards,

      • mahmoodbeheshti
        Verified Buyer

        But I need this plugin and bought it.
        If you give me the file in the kiwimarket-elementor \ public \ partials folder, I'll fix the problem.
        thanks a lot.
        my email : mahmoodbeheshti653@gmail.com

        • mahmoodbeheshti
          Verified Buyer

          Is there any way I can use this plugin?

      • mahmoodbeheshti
        Verified Buyer

        Sorry for the many answers
        right now shortcode generate correctly but template don't show Because if I'm not mistaken protected function _content_template is empty.
        please help me

      • mahmoodbeheshti
        Verified Buyer

        I'm sorry again
        I read the elementor documentation and finally realized that I needed the shortcodes functions used in the kiwimarket theme.
        Can they give it to me?
        I can lighten them up, but if I do the coding myself I will waste a lot of time.
        Please provide me with a solution.

        • kiarashi

          No need to apologize. ;)

          The plugin that you purchased can only be used within the KiwiMarket theme.
          That's because, as you already have figured out, it uses a lot of theme-related functions. These aren't limited to shortcodes; it also relies on the KiwiMarket's framework, js files and more.

          In order to use the Elementor widget pack, you really have to purchase the KiwiMarket theme.

          Kind regards,

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