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$54 p/year
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  • – Country badges
  • – Membership Levels
    Based on days registered
  • – Collector Levels
    Based on total products bought.
  • – Authors Levels
    Based on total earnings.
  • – Follower Levels
    Based on total followers. (FollowMe required)
  • – Affiliate Levels
    Based on total paid referrals. (AffiliateWP required)
  • – Review Levels
    Based on total reviews written. (EDD Reviews required)
    Based on total received reviews (for authors only). (EDD Reviews required)
  • – Wishlist Levels
    Based on how many times a product appears in all (public/private) wishlists (for authors only). (EDD Wishlist required)
    Best used to create badges such as Trending, highly sought after, most wanted, etc
  • – Misc Badges
    Exclusive author, Top Seller (week/month/year), Top Author (week/month/year)
  • – It comes standard with 10 levels but it can be increased with any number by using a function inside your child theme.
  • – Shortcodes to create a page to display all badges a user can earn with locked/unlocked feature.
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  • We've combined our tabbed widget with the author widget, allowing you to fully customize it to your hearts content.

    Other than the usual html styled content, plain text or shortcodes, you can even add content from third-party plugins.
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  • Our tabbed widget supports up to 6 tabs. Inside any of these tabs you can add html styled content, plain text or even better; shortcodes.

    The theme itself comes with additional shortcodes to display product ratings, list of purchasers, users online and much more.