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Looking for a WordPress Installation Service?

To help you get started, we offer an expert WordPress installation and setup service. If you are running out of time or having trouble with WordPress, just purchase this service and you will be contacted shortly after with further details.

Option: Demo Content

You’ll get an exact version* of the demo content on your website.
* Note: as long as all EDD related third-party plugins are installed on your end that we’re also using on our demo website.

Option: Existing EDD Store

If you’re already having an exisiting EDD theme and want to switch to our KiwiMarket theme, we recommend to select this option.

This option is also best used when you’re new to EDD and don’t want any of the sample data. We’ll configure all your required settings, so you only have to add your products to build your digital store or online marketplace.

Here’s How It Works.

  1. Purchase the WordPress Theme Installation service option that fits your situation on the right side of your screen. Feel free to contact us first for additional guidance before choosing an option.
  2. After your payment has been processed through our secure payment system, you will receive a confirmation email.
  3. Shortly after your payment is confirmed you will receive an email where we ask for details such as login credentials (with admin rights) so that we can proceed with the installation.
  4. Once the installation and setup is complete, you will receive another email confirming the completion of the setup and configuration process.
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  • We've combined our tabbed widget with the author widget, allowing you to fully customize it to your hearts content.

    Other than the usual html styled content, plain text or shortcodes, you can even add content from third-party plugins.
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  • Our tabbed widget supports up to 6 tabs. Inside any of these tabs you can add html styled content, plain text or even better; shortcodes.

    The theme itself comes with additional shortcodes to display product ratings, list of purchasers, users online and much more.