KiwiMarket - The Ultimate Ajax-based Search Filter Wordpress Plugin for Easy Digital Downloads


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In order to improve customer experience and make shopping pleasant and easy on your website, we created this Easy Digital Downloads extension. We choose to use the AJAX technology to update filter results without page reloads. That way your customers can easily continue selecting search filter options while it’s updating, filter after filter. Making the whole shopping process much faster and userfriendly.

Global Settings

  • Choose to display active filters
  • Choose whether you wish to display the sections inside an accordion
  • If using an accordion, collapse (open) on load
  • Query operator (and/or)

Types of product filters

  • Dropdown – Select data ((custom)posttype, taxonomy or custom field); exclude/include selected posts or terms; extra display settings such as scrollbar, columns, show count, hierarchical; extra sorting options such as date, title, random, name, id, and more.
  • Checkbox – Same options as the Dropdown filter.
  • Radio – Same options as the Dropdown filter.
  • Multiselect – Same options as the Dropdown filter.
  • Slider Range – Display a Price range; comes with multiple settings.
  • Calender – Display a calendar where the user can choose between certain dates.
  • Search – Display a default search form field
  • Reviews – Display products based on reviews. Additional settings to show count, display icons or text are included.
  • Image – Instead of using text based (custom) terms (categories/tags), use images instead.
  • Date – Extra date settings to display products today, yesterday, this/last week, this/last quarter and/or this/last year.

Additional options

  • Show products inside a grid or list
  • Change the number of products per page
  • Sorting options such as Title A-Z, Date Newest/Oldest, Price low to high, Best Sellers, Products on Sale, Free and more.
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  • We've combined our tabbed widget with the author widget, allowing you to fully customize it to your hearts content.

    Other than the usual html styled content, plain text or shortcodes, you can even add content from third-party plugins.
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  • Our tabbed widget supports up to 6 tabs. Inside any of these tabs you can add html styled content, plain text or even better; shortcodes.

    The theme itself comes with additional shortcodes to display product ratings, list of purchasers, users online and much more.