RC 1.0.0
  • 2 months ago Update Moving from Beta to RC (release candidate).
  • 2 months ago Update When selecting handpicked products, you no longer have to enter product ids manually;
    a multi-selected dropdown list is generated instead.
  • 2 months ago Update Pinterest board with previews of the changes that have been made.
  • 2 months ago Add RTL is supported
  • 2 months ago Add New extension: Elementor widgets
  • 2 months ago Add Two new sorting options for authors: sales and products
  • 2 months ago Add Select multiple featured authors (VC Addons/Elementor)
  • 2 months ago Fixed A bug inside the FollowMe extension;
    Loading icon showed up inside multiple areas inside the visual composer Author Addon.
  • 2 months ago Fixed Width issue inside tables for Firefox and IE users.
  • 2 months ago Fixed Pagination alignment inside the Grid addon
RC 1.0.1
  • 2 months ago Update Files to the latest UIkit framework
  • 2 months ago Update The author dashboard widgets Latest messages and Last Viewed are now responsive.
  • 2 months ago Fixed Added the required security nonces since the EDD 2.9.4 update
    (profile, cart, checkout and payment gateway)
  • 2 months ago Add Admin notice when the Marketplace :: EDD VC Addons plugin is active.
RC 1.0.2/1.0.3
  • 1 month ago Add Additional hooks for the review, copyright, purchases shortcodes (elements plugin)
  • 1 month ago Add Additonal hooks for the mobile and topbar menu locations mega menu plugin).
  • 1 month ago Update New import previews to avoid confusion when importing demo data.
  • 1 month ago Update CSS improvements inside the Mega Menu plugin
  • 1 month ago Update More css responsiveness improvements
  • 1 month ago Fixed A missing closing bracket inside our css file. Due to this missing bracket the hamburger icon for mobile view was visible inside the dashboards.
  • 1 month ago Fixed Tax/Vat info now shows properly inside the purchase notes if taxes are enabled inside EDD.
  • 1 month ago Fixed Inconsistency with dashboard sidebar menu on mobile devices.
  • 1 month ago Fixed Removed child theme's functions related to W3C validation. They could cause issues with loading js/stylesheet files properly.