Search Filter :: 1.1.2

2018-12-10 fixed 'Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context...' debug message inside the Navigation Fields metabox (WP Admin area).

Search Filter :: 1.1.1

2018-12-09 Added Grid excerpt settings.
2018-12-09 fixed A few debug messages.
2018-12-09 fixed JS code caused a conflict with the pagination on the author's portfolio page.

RC 1.1.1

2018-11-28 Added Count added next to wishlist icon
2018-11-28 Added documentation with sample CMB code for submission fields in the backend.
2018-11-28 improved Support for CMB2 fields for those that don't use FES.
2018-11-28 improved Linkable urls when clicking on the authors names and avatars inside all grid layouts.
2018-11-28 improved Featured image (on the product page) is now linkable if slider is disabled and preview images exists.
2018-11-28 fixed missing Wishlist template inside user dashboard
2018-11-28 fixed Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback when edd reviews is enabled, while FES isn't.
2018-11-28 fixed Async_typography (redux) is turned off; this caused unneeded .wf-*** classes which in return caused white animated screen on page load inside Chrome/Opera

Visual Composer :: 1.1.1

2018-11-28 fixed The featured author multi-select field didn't show selected values.
2018-11-28 fixed urldecode() warning when enabling the author parameter inside the slider, grid, and news block addons.

Mega Menu :: 1.1.1

2018-11-28 added Mega Menu (settings) supports Boundary alignment. You can now choose to display dropdown to the left/center/right.
2018-11-28 fixed Styling bug for labels inside the switcher menu, dropdown and when using menu descriptions.

Elementor :: 1.1.1

2018-11-28 fixed urldecode() warning when enabling the author parameter inside the slider, grid, and news block widget.

FollowMe :: 1.1.1

2018-11-28 fixed Fatal error: Call to undefined function EDD_FES() for those that do not have FES installed and activated.

RC 1.1.0

2018-09-20 Added Added an updater class so users get notified of theme/plugin updates inside their WP dashboard. Includes automatic updates as well. *
2018-09-20 Added Extra hooks that can be used to replace the WP default audio/video player with any third-party audio/video plugins such as zoomsounds (for developers).
2018-09-20 Added New demo pages for several EDD/FES shortcodes (e.g. login, registration).
2018-09-20 improved Replaced the edd_wl_load_wish_list_link function with the [edd_wish_lists_add] shortcode instead.
2018-09-20 improved Removed activation admin notice for "KiwiMarket :: Visual Composer Addons" if the Elementor page builder is used instead.
2018-09-20 improved Improved import files to avoid timeouts for those on lower budget hosting.
2018-09-20 improved Improved theme compatibility when using the EDD Stripe Payment Gateway extension.
2018-09-20 improved Improved product search results when sorting products based on "Free products, Price: low to high and Price: high to low" on the EDD archive pages.
2018-09-20 fixed Incorrect price display for variable prices inside the purchase history table.
2018-09-20 fixed "Disable the automatic output of the purchase button" was missing from the "Item Settings" metabox while editing an EDD product in the backend.
2018-09-20 fixed Inconsistencies when using the WP default video player instead of the modal.
2018-09-20 fixed Logout now redirects to the homepage.

Mega Menu :: 1.1.0

2018-09-20 fixed array/string conversion notice

Elementor :: 1.1.0

2018-09-20 improved Added missing Truncate lenght field inside the News Block widget.
2018-09-20 improved Added missing product video option inside the Author Widget.
2018-09-20 fixed array/string conversion notice

Search Filter :: 1.1.0

2018-09-20 improved When visiting a category/tag page, the search filters will only show results within the current category/tax page.
2018-09-20 fixed Missing frontend display options when using custom fields (data).
2018-09-20 fixed Occassionaly saving issues inside the backend.
2018-09-20 fixed Inconsistencies when using the WP default video player.

Visual Composer :: 1.1.0

2018-09-20 improved Added missing product video option inside the author VC addon

Notice I

To receive such notices and update automatically, you need to activate your license key first.

For plugins:
WP Admin > KiwiMarket > settings > Licenses tab

For theme:
WP Admin > Appearance > Theme License

Notice II

If the WishList modal is no longer working, please make the following change inside

Instead of using (on line 308):
return apply_filters( 'edd_wl_get_wish_lists', $html );

it needs to be replaced with:
return apply_filters( 'edd_wl_get_wish_lists', $html, $download_id, $price_ids, $items, $price_option_single );

RC 1.0.2/1.0.3

2018-08-13 Added Additional hooks for the review, copyright, purchases shortcodes (elements plugin)
2018-08-13 Added Additonal hooks for the mobile and topbar menu locations mega menu plugin).
2018-08-13 updated New import previews to avoid confusion when importing demo data.
2018-08-13 updated CSS improvements inside the Mega Menu plugin
2018-08-13 updated More css responsiveness improvements
2018-08-13 fixed A missing closing bracket inside our css file. Due to this missing bracket the hamburger icon for mobile view was visible inside the dashboards on desktop screens.
2018-08-13 fixed Tax/Vat info now shows properly inside the purchase notes if taxes are enabled inside EDD.
2018-08-13 fixed Inconsistency with dashboard sidebar menu on mobile devices.
2018-08-13 fixed Removed child theme's functions related to W3C validation. They could cause issues with loading js/stylesheet files properly.

RC 1.0.1

2018-08-13 updated Files to the latest UIkit framework
2018-08-13 improved The author dashboard widgets Latest messages and Last Viewed are now responsive.
2018-08-13 improved Admin notice when the Marketplace :: EDD VC Addons plugin is active.
2018-08-13 fixed Added the required security nonces since the EDD 2.9.4 update
(profile, cart, checkout and payment gateway)

RC 1.0.0

2018-07-25 updated Moving from Beta to RC (release candidate).
2018-07-25 updated When selecting handpicked products, you no longer have to enter product ids manually;
a multi-selected dropdown list is generated instead.
2018-07-25 improved Pinterest board with previews of the changes that have been made.
2018-07-25 Added RTL is supported
2018-07-25 Added New extension: Elementor widgets
2018-07-25 Added Two new sorting options for authors: sales and products
2018-07-25 Added Select multiple featured authors (VC Addons/Elementor)
2018-07-25 fixed A bug inside the FollowMe extension;
Loading icon showed up inside multiple areas inside the visual composer Author Addon.
2018-07-25 fixed Width issue inside tables for Firefox and IE users.
2018-07-25 fixed Pagination alignment inside the Grid addon